Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I lifted up my UV cracked visor with my thumb. 'Which way does the track go and what's the lap record?' I called out over the noise of the valve gear rattling and clanging between my legs. The flag marshal's eyebrows raised in disbelief. I could see him muttering, 'And who the hell do you think you are - Mike Hailwood?' I laughed and roared off down the track.

Jump aboard and become my pillion passenger as I take you on a fast and furious journey from the grassroots of New Zealand motorcycle racing through Australia, Japan, the UK and Europe.

Experience with me the crashes, the pain, the elation of winning and the international controversies. While the politics, boycotts and tragic fatalities make enthralling reading, the common thread is my determination to enjoy life and have fun. And win a few world championships along the way.

Croz's first book came out last year and after selling over 10,000 copies a reprint has now been done and has a new slighly smaller format. Check it out on my Home page -

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